‘Arts an essential service during lockdown’


©️ ARTS are an essential service which will be useful during the current 21-day lockdown and it is high time people put value on their work, showbiz players have said.

Entertainers believe it will not be possible for one to go for a week without music, film or a book hence their work should be appreciated.

Speaking to the Daily News, Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda described art as more than an essential service but a critical element.

“Arts are critical not only for one who is in lockdown but also the medical staff working in the fight against this coronavirus. After a day at hospital one would need something to cool down and music will come in handy. For one in lockdown, entertainment is needed. This is why you see that even at funerals or weddings, music and dance is always included,” he said.

Jive Zimbabwe head Benjamin Nyandoro said this is an opportunity for people to value artists’ work.

“At this moment, we have all seen how the arts are an essential service. People are being encouraged to social distance and this is where the arts come in to maintain social cohesion.

“Various forms of arts are important in fighting the pandemic. One cannot stay at home without music, film or a novel and stay sane. This is now time people put value on artists’ work,” he said.

Werras Entertainment boss Samuel Saungweme said artists should be valued for their contribution in society.

“While people are in lockdown, they have turned to music and movies for entertainment. It is unfortunate that people will be enjoying their work while they will be suffering. The majority of artists are not self-sufficient and they need assistance but their work is being used to relieve people of stress,” he said.

Songstress Pah Chihera said although she is an entertainer in her own right, she also needs other artists’ work during this period.

“I believe we play a crucial role in society. While I’m an artiste I also need another artist’s work for me to be entertained during lockdown.”

Singer Tocky Vibes said any artist’s work is valuable and the current situation has proved to many how they should be appreciated.

“Arts have always been an essential service and some may not have noticed it and this situation has opened their eyes. Can you just stay indoors and being idle? This is where artists come,” he said.


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