Ammara, Vusa’s Nama delight


SONGSTRESS Ammara Brown said she is honoured to have shared the stage with sungura musician Alick Macheso at the recently held National Arts Merit Awards.

She combined with the veteran musician on the new Ngaibake version together with Vabati VaJehova, Freeman and rapper Ti Gonzi.

With a combination of vapostori, sungura, hip-hop, dancehall and pop, the electric performance will certainly be remembered by many for long.

After the performance Ammara and Macheso embraced and this was met with wild cheers and she has revealed what the singer told her.

She took to social media, sharing her joy for the experience with the sungura kingpin.

“To share a stage with the legendary King of sungura, it was everything when he said; ‘I am so proud of you my daughter’. The honour was mine,” she said.

Ammara was also in the running for the awards although she did not win but her experience was enough consolation.

Gospel music outfit Vabati VaJehova were also delighted for the opportunity to combine with other music greats from other genres.

Macheso is known for his soft spot towards the youth in music having helped several singers find their footing.

“The music industry is broad and I always take time to listen and follow the youngsters work.

“This is a way we can help each other. You cannot properly advise someone if you have no idea of what they do,” the singer said.

Meanwhile, Austria-based musician-cum-producer Vusa Mkhaya is an elated man after he got his first ever Nama as he shrugged off stiff challenge from fellow diasporans Tapfuma Charles Katedza, Gemma Grifiths and Norah Chipaumire for the Best Artist in the Diaspora category.

Mkhaya who was honoured in absentia described the gong as special to him.

“It is very special to me because it’s my first award in Zimbabwe, therefore it will always have a special place in my heart.

“For me it’s not about the awards. I do art or music because of passion. I don’t expect any awards or nominations because this is not what matters to me. What matters is how the public react to my work. But if the awards come. I won’t say no,” he told the Daily News from his base in Vienna.

While the award is his first in Zimbabwe, Mkhaya who was recently in the country has bagged a number of international awards.

With over 20 years in the music industry, having toured the world extensively with the Acappella group Insingizi, Mkhaya has predicted a fruitful year.

The Bulawayo-born musician is known for his music which is expertly infused with traditional Ndebele sounds, folk storytelling, Afro-jazz and contemporary soft rock influences which tackle the socio, political and economic situations that Zimbabweans including those in the diaspora have gone through in the last decade.

His rich African sound coupled with powerful vocals, traditional drums, and acoustic guitars has made him a darling of many.

Some of his powerful videos include Manyanyatha and Diaspora.

He is also known for such popular tracks as Lalela, Siyeza, Uthando, Bayakhala, Naisiyai, Abalalanga and Zhiya among others. Mkhaya moved to Austria in 1997, then under Insingizi when they, as a group, decided to further their music knowledge and enrol at a music conservatory in Graz Austria.
Since then despite going solo he has remained a force to reckon with.

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