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Ammara still traumatised

Blessing Masakadza

SONGSTRESS Ammara Brown says contrary to perception that she snubs selfies with her fans, she is fearful of what rowdy fans can do at times.

Ammara, who has of late been accused by some fans of refusing them selfies, said at times she considers her safety first as she still has bad memories of molestation.

On Monday, she found herself responding to some followers on twitter after one user complained that she snubbed her when she asked for a photo opportunity in 2017 at the Zimbabwe Grounds.

The songstress said she could not have had selfies with the complainant because of the magnitude of people and that she had no security at that moment. “I refused 95 percent of selfies that day as there were thousands of people and I had no security.

“Sometimes people need to be reminded that I am a human being. I have been molested in public before while with security…10 men can’t hold 1 000. Some days it is impossible to meet the fan halfway. . . saying yes to one means 10, 50,100 behind them. Must my safety be compromised?” she tweeted.

She recounted the traumatising incident when she was molested by a mob at a Chibuku Road to Fame finals concert at the Glamis Arena in Harare.

“I was molested by a rowdy crowd on my way to the stage. They pushed and grabbed at every part of me. I thought my clothes would rip off. More security gathered to defend me but by the time I got backstage I was completely traumatised. This is one of many instances,” said the songstress.

But some of her followers have pointed out that an element of cyber bullying is usually directed at popular personalities. Ammara said she is not immune to that and at times ignores trolls but does not tolerate abuse. “Most of the time I ignore them, while other times if they go too far I will respond or block them. It’s abuse turned into sport and no one deserves that.”

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, the songstress said she is open to selfies but her security and safety comes first.

“On a regular I take selfies all day with fans I meet on the go. When we have crowds we usually try to create a queue. There are times when they have become much too aggressive. By the time 100 people get their picture, security is overwhelmed. They will have to push through the masses to ensure a safe exit…I’ve learned that my safety is more important than being polite. If I ever see a situation that compromised my safety I will decline fans. Those that care for me understand,” she said.

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