Event companies hit by lockdown


Tinashe Sibanda

Lifestyle Writer


EVENT and weddings companies have been hit hard by the current coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown which has seen government banning all gatherings.

Wedding Events coordinator and Expo founder Lorraine Mukandapi told the Daily News that the absence of weddings has seen a lot of people lose income. “We talk about the vendors, MCs, DJs and choreographers who are now not getting any income because they are no wedding bookings.”

Mukandapi said her company lost business as they are now even stuck with cakes which had been ordered beforehand. “All we can do is pray that this pandemic goes away fast and to those planning to wed I suggest they do not wait for the lifting of the gatherings ban because we do not know when that is going to happen.”

She said people should now plan having weddings with very few guests of about 10 people or even no guests at all. She added that one can still have a beautiful wedding dress, wonderful décor, delicious food, amazing rings and have pictures taken.

“At this point we should start considering online weddings and events; my team is currently in the process of strategising the whole concept and see how best we can introduce it to the nation,” said Mukandapi.

She said it is her hope that this pandemic has given a lot of event planners a wake-up call as to why it is important to have a voice maybe in the form of an association.

Mukandapi added that event organisers, just like vendors, should now unite because they have all been affected by the pandemic.

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