Zupco should better its service urgently


EDITOR — When State-owned transporter Zimbabwe United Omnibus Company (Zupco) returned to the fray, ferrying intra- and intercity commuters, its modus operandi had changed for the worse.

Back then during the days of the famous Dakota version of buses, the firm not only had a respectable fleet of buses but also exhibited a near-flawless efficiency.

Known as the Harare United Omnibus Company (HUOC), the public transporter was very reliable, operating with a strict time table. Buses would arrive and leave termini at specific intervals, depending on how busy the place was.

Order always prevailed with conductors and inspectors who were at the service of the commuting public.

Today’s version of Zupco, which — I believe — must do a lot of learning on how HUOC managed to ensure efficiency, is a total mess.

On its part, the city council has failed to maintain bus termini, with broken-down shelters which they are battling to rehabilitate as the rains approach.

One wonders what is going to happen when rains finally fall.

Zupco fares are reasonable but that is not the reason to force people to endure the rains while waiting for transport.

The chaos that is currently taking place at the Charge Office, Fourth Street, Market Square and Rezende Street termini is shocking as the old, physically-challenged and the sick are pushed around. Nobody really seems to care what happens to them in the battles to get onto the bus first.

Zupco must just get back to its efficient and flawless operational modalities for the benefit of the commuting public.

The fleet that Zupco had at one point fell prey to mismanagement and corruption and today most of the firm’s depots are littered with bus shells whose engines and other key components have been cannibalised as the shortage of spares hit the State-owned firm.

Action aimed at normalising  this situation is long overdue.

Mazano Marairanwa.


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