Zina, SRC tiff escalates


THE Zimbabwe Netball Association (Zina) has launched a scathing attack on the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) and in particular director-general Prince Mupazviriho.

Zina is accusing Mupazviriho of taking sides in the manner he has dealt with the former’s long-running feud with the Rainbow Amateur Netball League (Ranl).

In a recent letter dated February 4, the supreme sports governing body threatened to invoke Section 30 and dissolve Zina unless it registered Ranl.

However, Zina president Leticia Chipandu has not taken kindly to the directive and accused the SRC of double standards.

“We had a meeting with the Sports minister (Kirsty Coventry) sometime last year and through the recommendation of the DG (Mupazviriho) we were asked to roll out a programme of action as an association,” Chipandu told the Daily News.

“With the blessings of the full meeting that programme of action would take us to March which would be concluded by our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

“We went through the paces as per that arrangement and we are now in the final lap of our holding our AGM after consultations with our stakeholders.
“If truth be told, we had actually hoped that by now Ranl would have come through with their application so that we could table their issue on the agenda.”

Chipandu feels the SRC is now changing goalposts despite the earlier agreement which would see Zina hold their AGM in March.

“We are very much aggrieved with the stance being taken by the DG (Mupazviriho) where he wants to victimise the already victimised,” she said.

“We are suffering and have long suffered but we have not done anything wrong. If anything we have religiously followed our constitution and the SRC’s constitution.

“Why is the DG pushing the agenda of Ranl? This should have been coming from Ranl and not him and it should have been us now taking that letter to him to say this is what Ranl are saying how best do we move forward?”
Mupazviriho denied ever working in cahoots with Ranl to destabilise Zina.

“I don’t even know them, I have not even met them before,” Mupazviriho said.
“In the same letter you are talking about, we emphasised the position that Zina is the governing netball board in the country and if there are issues to do with the constitution of Ranl it is Zina who are supposed to raise those issues.

“Where we are coming from as SRC is according to Zina they have a mandate to register amateur leagues so on that accord, they should also register these ones who are seeking affiliation.”
Mupazviriho said Zina should contact the SRC on the bottlenecks they are facing in implementing their roadmap and not the other way round.

“Whether they are doing that or not (working on the roadmap) that is not our baby.
“If they have a problem, it’s not for us to be asking them rather they should take the initiative and report back to SRC on the state of affairs on the ground,” he said.

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  1. Mutambi WevaTami says

    This SRC guys must go I thinkk we have wrong people in SRC Commission and Managment we are talking of Sport here and each assocition has its mandate from International Federation. SRC is doing nothing in terms of national teams and sport development they must put commissioners including Sports Associations . Check other countries are run professional by the elected members from Associations and few appointed by Government

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