Zimbos under-qualified for their jobs — ILO

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THIRTY-EIGHT percent of Zimbabwe’s working population is under qualified for their jobs, while 13 percent are said to be over qualified, a recent report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has revealed.

A survey of 114 countries was carried out where Zimbabwe is among a group of low income countries with high number of people who are under qualified for their jobs.

“Under-education is more common and more serious in low-income countries than elsewhere, while over-education is more prevalent in high-income countries,” the report read.

“Zimbabwe’s share of over educated is 13 percent and share of under educated is 38 percent.”

“These statistics are not peculiar to Zimbabwe alone as it is the same trend with neighbouring countries. Zambia, which is in the lower middle income economy, has 14 percent of its workforce over educated while 39 percent being under educated.

“Regional counterparts classified as upper middle income economy like Botswana has 12 percent over educated and 48 percent under educated, with Namibia having 17 percent over educated and 48 percent under educated, while South Africa has 30 percent over educated and 21 percent under educated work force.”

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