Zimbabweans stranded in Dubai


THE Zimbabwean Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has secured transportation for nationals currently stuck in that country, amid the growing global pandemic of the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19).

This comes as scores of Zimbabweans have been repatriated from South Africa, Botswana and the United Kingdom among other countries, with Zimbabwe’s consulate in Johannesburg, South Africa, from where the majority of returnees are coming, recently suspending the issuance of Temporary Travel Documents (TTDs) and repatriation certificates owing to a suspected Covid-19 case at its offices.

“Please be advised that Ethiopian Airlines has agreed to repatriate stranded nationals to Harare on June 13, 2020. The Airline has indicated that the stranded Zimbabweans can begin paying the airfares with effect from today at its offices in Dubai. Further details about the repatriation process are being worked between the airline and the Embassy,” the Embassy said in a statement.

The Embassy called on nationals who have not registered for the repatriation process to urgently submit their names, surnames, National Identity and passport numbers to the Embassy via email.
So far, Zimbabwe has repatriated over 8 000 people from countries including South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and the United Kingdom.

Many of the returnees have been placed in mandatory quarantine facilities to be released if they test negative for Covid-19 at the end of their quarantine period, with some escaping before they are cleared, prompting authorities to tighten security in the facilities.

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