Zim needs people-driven transitional authority


WE currently have a political stalemate in Zimbabwe which has destroyed all hopes and opportunities for a peaceful settlement to the legitimacy question.

The country has descended into anarchy and lawlessness where President Emmerson Mnangagwa is ruling on a whim and the security apparatus are wantonly brutalising, persecuting and arresting citizens on flimsy trumped up charges.

Cities and locations have been converted into a battleground for the police and citizens, leaving communities traumatised, isolated and hopeless in fear of their lives and security of their belongings.

Terror squads in possession of machetes are emerging from Zanu PF and desperate citizens with no jobs invading people’s homes robbing people of their cash and possessions.

The government has failed to protect citizens. Instead the government has chosen a war path with citizens by increasing taxes and food prices without providing opportunities for employment and salary increases.

Yellow Vest Zimbabwe is demanding a people-driven transitional authority government with a mandate and objective to create a conducive environment for political and economic stability based and guided by these principles.

1. Electoral reform agenda and its personnel.
2. Security sector and its role in abiding to the ethos of our Constitution and its obligation to protect the citizens and our sovereignty.
3. The independence, accountability and transparency of the arms of government, the Judiciary, the Executive and Parliament.
4. The separate roles and ability of checks and balances from other government institutions such as anti-corruption commission, the land acquisition board, the reserve bank and other institutions in ensuring fluidity and consistency in government policy and operations.
5. Maintenance of rule of law.
6. Timeline of holding elections and its supervisory, including the process and release of election results.

Yellow Vest Zimbabwe has also become concerned about the independence of the Judiciary.

Yellow Vest Zimbabwe is of the belief that the real power still lies with the people of Zimbabwe who only need to realise that the country is degenerating and sliding into full scale tyrannical rule which is rapidly closing all our freedoms and civic rights in order to oppress us more.

A transitional authority government comprised of individuals from civic society, churches, business community, trade unions and other credible movements can be established and given a people’s mandate to set up a framework that stabilises the economy and define a roadmap to a genuine and credible election that will produce an indisputable result.

A mechanism assisted by the International community and United Nations is desirable to ensure our security forces remain outside the electoral process and the victimisation of citizens in instilling fear, and trauma before the election.
Yellow Vest Zimbabwe is demanding the regime to resign and allow a people- driven transitional authority government to resume the responsibility of bringing back the country to sanity.

Charles Mutama and Blessing Madzima are co-convenors of Yellow Vest Zimbabwe, a grassroots social justice movement for economic and political justice.

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