Zim, China relations remain strong: ED


THE visit by Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi to Zimbabwe has cemented the two countries’ relationship, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.

Speaking after meeting Wang Yi, Mnangagwa said the minister was satisfied with the two countries’ relationship.

“He is very happy with the visit and happy that we had an occasion to go over our relations … and he goes back home satisfied that our relations are on a solid foundation. What remains is further consolidation and deepening those relations, both political and economic.

“As an African country, we are happy with what China is doing and we as Zimbabwe, are very happy with relations with China,” said Mnangagwa. China has been one of Zimbabwe’s biggest partners since the turn of the millennium when the government took a look East approach — after being isolated by Western nations mainly over the often violent land reform programme — although the relationship dates back to the time of the liberation struggle.

Early last year, charge d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy, Zhao Baogang, said China has spent $2,5 billion on Zimbabwe, which is by far the highest amount of money it has ever advanced to any African country.

He said the money has been advanced through loans and investments, among other issues.
“Some $2,5 billion (US dollars) of loans, investments and grants have been provided by the Chinese government, financial institutions and enterprises to Zimbabwe, a much larger share than most other African countries,” Zhao said.

Over the years, China has been investing in different sectors of the economy in Zimbabwe, including the energy sector.

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