Zim braces for rigid lockdown  

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Mugove Tafirenyika
IT EMERGED yesterday that security forces would further tighten the national coronavirus lockdown from today, amid fears that the disease is getting out of control, the Daily News reports.
This comes after President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced a dusk-to-dawn curfew last week to combat the continued rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths in the country.
It also comes as national police spokesperson Paul Nyathi emphasised yesterday that essential service workers in the health sector were now required to put on their uniforms when going to work, in addition to carrying their work identity cards — while those who work in  civilian attire must carry with them a letter from the leaders of their organisations, stating the places, dates and times of their work hours.
“In addition, members of the public are implored to do their shopping within a five-kilometre radius of their residence to acquire basic necessities like food, gas and medicine.
“The public should also make prior arrangements to obtain assistance for themselves or someone to whom they are related or have a duty of caring for.
“This includes an ill person whom they are related to or take care of for purposes of rendering medical assistance or whom they provide for,” Nyathi said.
All this comes as the secretary-general of the Senior Hospital Doctors Association, Aaron Musara, told the Daily News yesterday that the 34 Covid-19 deaths that have been announced by the government could be grossly understated.
“The figures we are being given are those that are easy to get. Imagine what happens in the rural areas when someone dies at home.
“The elders gather and confirm death, while the village head can agree to have the deceased buried without taking him or her for a post-mortem.
“All that is done is to write a letter to the registrar general’s office requesting a burial order. You can imagine how many people are being buried that way,” Musara told the Daily News.
He also warned that the country should brace for a continued rise in Covid-19 figures, due in part to illegal cross-border trading.
Meanwhile, police commissioner-general Godwin Matanga has warned commuter omnibus operators, bottle stores, shebeen operators “and those who may try to come up with various excuses to break the curfew which the police and other security services are strictly enforcing that arrests will be effected”.
He also said he had directed police commanders to ensure that patrols, roadblocks, checkpoints and awareness campaigns are intensified across the country.
“No inter-city or town public transport and rural areas movements will be allowed. Transport operators who try to break the curfew and move at night will be dealt with,” he said.
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