ZETDC workers must not sleep on the job


EDITOR — WE have seen increased awareness campaigns by ZETDC appealing for community participation in the protection of power infrastructure.
This in a bid to contain the scourge of theft and vandalism that results in unplanned electricity outages, which is commendable indeed. However, the behaviour of your staff on the ground sabotages this effort.

This is my story. One afternoon I approached a three-member ZETDC team that was by the substation on the
fenced open space in Mt Pleasant to tell them of the badly sagging electricity wires at the back of Fairway in the same suburb.

They are so bad such that in some places they almost touch tree branches. My fear is that with strong winds these wires will get entangled in the tree branches, posing danger to the community.

It happened a couple years back with bamboos at the back of number 12 Fairway, Northwood, Mt Pleasant. I was really taken aback by their response ― they told me to go and make a report at the ZETDC office in Borrowdale and also offered to give me the telephone number should I prefer phoning.

I couldn’t believe this, here I am, a concerned citizen doing my civic duty yet being asked to incur extra cost and inconvenience! I refused to accept this for an answer and demanded to see their supervisor who came through in
about 20 minutes.

I narrated my issue to the supervisor, name supplied, expecting that as part of management he would have a different perspective from his subordinates. I was to be disappointed as he parroted exactly the same response I had been given earlier by his subordinates.

I left, disgruntled, telling him that to me making a report to a ZETDC employee is just as good as having made a report at a ZETDC office and that he can forward that report on my behalf, a concerned citizen.

To date nothing has been done about those sagging wires. Also shockingly the substation mentioned above is never locked, with doors wide open all the time of day and you wonder how thieves steal? What is the big idea
here please?

We need to work together with the employees so that the infrastructure is always taken care of in terms of protection. ZETDC should wake up and smell the coffee or should resign and give a chance to those who
are capable. – Concerned resident

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