Zapu urges ANC to be tough with Zanu PF

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OPPOSITION party Zapu has pleaded with South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress
(ANC), to do more to ensure that the ruling Zanu PF is brought to order.
Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa said the ANC should muster its courage when dealing with
Zanu PF.

“We pray the ANC and the South African government find the courage to bluntly and frankly
call Zanu PF to order and abandon its entitled stance on all matters on Zimbabwe,” said Maphosa.

“We also pray that Sadc countries also come to the party and assist Zimbabweans as we try to
extricate ourselves from the bondage of Zanu PF.”

Maphosa said the stance taken by the ANC after the closed doors meeting with Zanu PF leaders gave confidence that the efforts would be all-inclusive.

“We remain hopeful and confident the ANC and the South African government will be adamant on
the need for an honest and inclusive process.

“Anything short of an all-inclusive engagement will be viewed as another of the many ploys to pacify the desperate nation of Zimbabwe, and Zapu is confident the ANC will not be tricked into such by the sly and dishonest Zanu PF pretenders,” added Maphosa.

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