Zanu PF rubs hands with glee


©️ IT SOUNDS harsh to say the MDC is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving to Zanu PF. But sadly, this is increasingly becoming a discomforting truth.

Indeed, how else are Zimbabweans supposed to interpret the regular tendency by the party to shoot itself in the foot — even when Zanu PF is on the ropes, like now?

Just picture this, if you think that we at the Daily News are being dramatic: the country’s economy is on its knees, and life has rarely been harder for the average Zimbabwean since 1980.

Common sense in these dire circumstances is that this should be a boon for any half-decent opposition.
Disappointingly, it is our Mickey Mouse opposition, and not the ruling party, that is going down for the count — merrily clubbing each other to death, as usual.

The extent to which MDC politicians and their minions, with their self-delusions of grandeur, are brutally going at each other — including on social media — is shocking. And we have seen this horror movie before, in 2005 and 2014, with the same cast of bumbling opportunists playing starring roles in that chaos too.

Regrettably, and as this painful charade has continued to drone on, hundreds of ordinary MDC members have paid the ultimate sacrifice over the past two decades for their love of Zimbabwe — notwithstanding their leaders’ sickening betrayal of the democratic push.

Here is the hard truth that we Zimbabweans have not always confronted robustly: opposition and a functional democracy can never be separated from each other. This truth is not withstanding Zanu PF’s thuggish power-retention methods.

In other words, it is almost impossible to think of a successful democracy anywhere in the world that does not have a strong, united and focused opposition.
Not in Zimbabwe.

Where our opposition should work as a watchdog of the public’s interests, and keep the ruling party on its toes, it’s more adept at scoring spectacular own goals and blowing itself up. In this climate, and again without excusing Zanu PF’s excesses, it is little wonder that the ruling party has largely been authoritarian in nature since the 2000s.

Let it be recorded that there is only one winner in what’s happening in the MDC — Zanu PF. And, no doubt, the ruling party is rubbing its hands with glee about this chaos, and enthusiastically looking forward to 2023.



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