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Zakaria implores Covid-19 donors

HARARE – Sungura music godfather Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zakaria has implored those helping the vulnerable during this coronavirus (Covid-19)-induced lockdown to do it whole heartedly and not look for cheap publicity.

While several foundations have been formed in a bid to help vulnerable people, there has been criticism that some of them end up “abusing” those they intend to help by plastering their pictures all over social media for cheap publicity.

“We have seen some people coming out to help the vulnerable. This is something commendable as we still have people with a heart to help others in need and we should thank them.

“This, however, should be done in a decent way that will not degrade the beneficiaries. There are also others who want to benefit from this, diverting the aid from the deserving people,” he said.

Madzibaba as the goatee-bearded singer is known said while the lockdown has had an impact on their work; this was also a period to be creative.

And he has been creating new music. “This has been hard for us. I have a group of 15 members and it is difficult to sustain them but we share whatever we get. I also share ideas with them on survival tactics. On the creative side, I’m creating new material that we will not be found wanting when this phase passes,” he said.

Madzibaba also added his voice on gender-based violence after joining a group of other men under Padare, discussing issues around the home. “Domestic violence is real and men need to be included in the discussions. Many people target women only but you can’t leave out men. Issues of violence in the home need a holistic approach. I was happy to be among men discussing the issues.”

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