We appeal to all youth to reject manipulation by self-serving politicians.
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Youth must shun political violence

AS Patriotic Zimbabweans Party (PZ), we are concerned with the reports of escalating politically-motivated violence (PMV) shared by our fellow countrymen in the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) particularly in areas such as Masvingo, Gokwe and Kwekwe.

We appeal to our esteemed law enforcement agencies so that they develop keen interest and expeditiously investigate the allegations with the view of ensuring that perpetrators are prosecuted.

We also appeal to political parties in general to collaboratively work on a Code of Conduct that will govern the electoral campaign environment during these by-elections and eventually to legislate against this crime on a nonpartisan basis so that our country can have peace and harmony.

Furthermore, we appeal to all youth to reject manipulation by self-serving politicians who are taking advantage of their economic desperation and using them. Zimbabweans now deserve a public service which creates employment and improves livelihoods for our young and productive population.

We can only solve our own problems as Zimbabweans while streamlining ubuntu in everything we do and recognizing that Zimbabweans come first in everything that we do. To conclude, we view this press conference as a step in the right direction because silence by all stakeholders means support for these heinous crimes.

It is therefore prudent that we take the next step after this and dialogue as churches, civic society, business, and political parties so that we can foster unity, peace, and economic development. — Patriot Charles Muchineripi Mutama PZ President

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