Young Igwe readies fifth album

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SUNGURA musician Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo is taking advantage of the lockdown period to perfect his fifth album, set for release in the first half of this year.

Last Saturday Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, who is also the country’s Health minister, announced a 30-day lockdown in which only people and sectors providing essential services will be allowed to operate.

As the arts sector is not considered an essential service by the government and will therefore be redundant throughout the lockdown, Young Igwe has decided to work on his fifth album since he took over the leadership of Utakataka Express from his late father in 2011.

According to the artiste, the album titled Maricho KwaMoyo, will consist of collaborations with other singers and instrumentalists. He said the forthcoming sixtrack album “will feature a new sound.”

“This is a different project and I will be having artists and guitarists from other groups. This is an idea to bring out something different and exciting for all music lovers,” Young Igwe said.

Recently, he dropped a new single titled Chinokanganwa Idemo, following in the footsteps of other sungura artistes such as Alick Macheso.

“Last year was a difficult year; much of 2020 was spent under lockdown. “This was a way to work under lockdown and share with music lovers the fruits of my creativity,” he said.

During the 2020 lockdown, Young Igwe was one of the singers who represented sungura in online gigs such as the Sungura Vs Zimdancehall event organised by several promoters.

The colourful musician prepared 50 discs of the song which he personally delivered to some benefactors of Utakataka Express

“This is a difficult period for almost every artist but we just have to do something, utilising the time and experimenting with the talents we have, hence the idea of this album,” he said. Young Igwe’s forthcoming album, will be a follow up to his six-track fourth album — Mwana WeMurozvi — which includes songs such as VaMoyo, Shuviro and Hama Dzangu.

On his third album titled Mopao Mokonzi, the Kwekweborn artiste collaborated with several artistes who included Andy Muridzo, former CAPS United Football Club and Zimbabwe goalkeeper Edmore “Zikeeper” Sibanda and gospel artiste Trymore Bande.

Moyo’s other albums are Mushonga Mukuru (2013) and Mabasa aMwari (2015).

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