Tatiana Ellis, West Property Zimbabwe COO

Women should rise together

TATIANA Ellis, COO at West Property Zimbabwe, took the stage as a keynote speaker at the International Women’s Day 2023 Celebrations last Saturday, organized by the IMANI Foundation in Harare.

Ellis, who was among a group of accomplished speakers from diverse backgrounds, spoke to the theme “We Rise Together-Sisterhood,” sharing her journey to success and her thoughts on what it takes to make it in life.

Growing up as a twin, Ellis spoke candidly about how her childhood affected her confidence and sense of self.

“Growing up people always viewed us as a package, I did not have an identity and wished people would notice that I was Tatiana and was different,” she shared.

“This affected my confidence and I decided the only way I can be successful, stand out and find my identity is to work hard. This motivated me to work extremely hard and excel, my goal was to be outstanding in everything I did.”

During her speech, Ellis identified four key areas that she believes are critical to achieving success – health, relationships, work, and time management.

She stressed the importance of defining one’s goals and taking action to achieve them, as well as the significance of knowledge, attitude, and environment in attaining success.

“Learning every day, having a positive attitude, and surrounding oneself with the right people are some of the essential steps to success,” she said.

Ellis also shared her experience of moving to Zimbabwe, where she had to learn English.

“When I came to Zimbabwe, I could not speak English but made sure to learn so that I could be part of the community,” she revealed. “I wanted to open doors for women with every opportunity I got. Give opportunities for them to excel.”

As a mother of five, Ellis spoke about her relationship with God and how she found Him in Zimbabwe.

She emphasized the importance of resilience and having a strong mindset to achieve success.

“To achieve your goals, you need to be resilient, step out of your comfort zones, and change your mindsets,” she advised young women in the audience.

Ellis urged women to take charge of their lives and be the CEOs of their own lives first as she reminded the audience that there are no shortcuts to success, but resilience is the key to achieving one’s goals.

“There are no limits to what we can achieve when we work together,” she said. “Let’s rise together, sisters!”

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