Woman demands US$50k from hubby’s mistress

A HARARE woman Nyemwererai Nancy Mavengere is demanding US$50 000 from her husband’s girlfriend Maria Magadarina Nyanhanda, accusing her of destroying her marriage and family.

In summons filed at the High Court last week, Mavengere, whose maiden name is Baira, told the court that she got married to Isaah Mavengere in 1991 in terms of the Marriage Act (Chapter 5:11).

Mavengere claimed that Nyanhanda was aware that her husband was in a monogamous marriage when they started the love affair.

“The marriage relationship that blossomed between the plaintiff and her husband waned when the defendant commenced the adulterous relationship … Plaintiff’s husband who used to be caring and loving became cold, sour, uncaring and unloving as a result of the defendant’s relationship with him.

“Furthermore, the adulterous relationship between the defendant and the plaintiff’s husband led to the plaintiff’s husband neglecting … children born of the plaintiff and her husband. 

“The plaintiff’s husband is looking after the defendant and her children and paying university and school fees for the defendant’s children,” she said.

Mavengere demanded US$50 000 in adultery damages from Nyanhanda.

“The adulterous affair between the defendant and plaintiff’s husband has resulted in contumelia being inflicted on the plaintiff. 

“Furthermore, plaintiff has suffered loss of consortium … and, therefore, claims US$25 000.

“By virtue of an adulterous relationship, the plaintiff has suffered damages in the way of contumelia … and, therefore, claims US$25 000 or equivalent in Zimbabwean dollars.”

The High Court is still to finalise the matter