WFP wins 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

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The WFP in Zimbabwe, which provides food assistance to over four million vulnerable individuals in rural and urban areas across the country, recently appealed for US$250 million to boost food assistance in the country, warning that 8,6 million people would be facing starvation by December 2020.

UN secretary-general António Guterres said the prize was well deserved as the WFP men and women were dedicated to delivering food assistance to the vulnerable despite the dangers they face.

“The World Food Programme is the world’s first responder on the frontlines of food insecurity.

“In a world of plenty, it is unconscionable that hundreds of millions go to bed each night hungry.  Millions more are now on the precipice of famine due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

“The women and men of the WFP brave danger and distance to deliver life-saving sustenance to those devastated by conflict, to people suffering because of disaster, to children and families uncertain about their next meal,” Guterres said.

“There is also a hunger in our world for international cooperation.  The World Food Programme feeds that need too.

“WFP operates above the realm of politics, with humanitarian needs driving its operations.

“The organisation itself survives on voluntary contributions from UN member states and the public at large.

“Such solidarity is precisely needed now to address not only the pandemic, but other global tests of our time.  We know that existential threats such as climate change will make the hunger crisis even worse.

“I warmly congratulate David Beasley, WFP executive director, and the entire staff of the World Food Programme, for advancing the values of the United Nations every day and serving the cause of we the peoples as the Organisation marks its 75th anniversary year,” he added.

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