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West Properties brings ‘Dubai to Zimbabwe’

THE Harare City Council has granted a certificate of compliance to Pomona City paving the way for about 140 stand owners to start building their properties.

The residential estate being developed under the smart cities concept is expected to change the infrastructure terrain in the capital city as indicated by the West Property Chief Executive Kenneth Sharpe.

“We have launched the city within a city under the smart city concept where residents can work, live, shop and play in safe lifestyle communities,” he says.

Already phase 1A is sold out while phases 1B and C with a total of 700 stands are 60 percent sold out. Compliance for phases 1B and C is expected mid-year.

“The completion of compliance on phase 1A was done last year and our customers can now start building their homes.

“Phases 1B and C would be completed by mid-year,” he says.

The certificate of compliance is for stands 974 to 985 and 987 to 1114 Pomona Township (subdivision permit number SD/WR/20/21).

“I do hereby certify that the above mentioned stands have complied with conditions of the above permit, relating to the payment of endowment, separate water and sewer connections points and installation of culverts where necessary in conformity with requirements and standards set by the City of Harare,” read the letter signed by City of Harare.

West Property is currently selling stands at Pomona where the development of Pomona City dubbed a city within a city is taking place. The picturesque development is set to change the face of Harare and hopefully become the test case for establishing smart cities in Zimbabwe.

The development borrows heavily from Dubai hence the rallying mantra “Bringing Dubai to Zimbabwe”.

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