We need more than praying and fasting


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa last week declared yesterday as a national day for praying and fasting, asking the Almighty God to intervene and deliver the world from the lethal coronavirus pandemic.

Indeed God’s intervention is needed to end Covid-19 that has killed tens of thousands of people, infected millions and wreaked economies across the world. Only his intervention will put an end to this plague which is defying medical science.

Our nation is suffering from a double whammy — Covid-19 and tragic failure of leadership.
We have become a laughing stock, that even when we seek divine intervention, we are misconstrued as desperate headless chickens. We are perceived as clutching at straws, desperately trying to wriggle off the hook of our own making.

Yes, we need divine intervention like any creation of God, but what are we doing as a nation to self-help ourselves? Faith without works is vacuous! Why is it as a nation we do not share the same vision and values? Why is it as a nation we cannot sit around a table and hammer out our differences?

Is it asking for too much that we dialogue ourselves out of the current political and economic crises confronting the motherland?

It’s quite apparent that the urgency of now is for every patriotic Zimbabwean and citizen to subordinate our personal egos and find ways of extricating ourselves from the precipice. We need to be united and confront our problems regardless of our political affiliations, religion, creed, etc.

Our country needs people of sterner stuff to correct it without equivocation. It is our sincere belief that we need more than praying and fasting.

As we reported yesterday, the ordinary man is suffering, wallowing in abject poverty. He or she cannot afford the high cost of living. Prices are skyrocketing that it no longer makes sense to continue to be an employee.
Salaries and wages have not changed for time immemorial as companies struggle to survive under a debilitating economy.

We need cogent and prudent leadership to catapult us out of this sad and shameful quagmire wrought on ourselves because of poor leadership, made worse by rampant corruption and impunity.

We are poor not because of want of riches, but bad and tragic leadership, whose destiny must be determined by Zimbabweans.

None, but ourselves can change our situation!

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