We need jobs urgently


EDITOR — It is sad that the government has been harassing ordinary Zimbabweans who are trying to fend for their families honestly without engaging in criminal activities.

Many Zimbabweans have been engaging in vending and have become money changers to provide for their families.

The only way for this government to get rid of this problem is to create jobs as a matter of urgency.

People have been forced to vend on the streets and do other activities that the government says are illegal just because they do not have jobs.

If one was to go out and interview some people who are vending and money changing, most of them are well educated and have been forced into these trades by circumstances.

The police have been playing cat-and-mouse games with money changers, but as long as the main issue, which is unemployment is not addressed, I believe the government will never win this war.

Following the recent relaxation of the Covid-19 lockdown which saw vendors flood the city centres, police have been busy chasing them off the streets but they are slowly losing the perennial battle.

In my opinion as long as the government does not create employment these problems will never disappear.

At least these people are not stealing from anyone but simply selling their wares in the streets.

The government needs to find a lasting solution to these problems, which can only be employment creation.


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