Vimbai back with exciting video

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Vasco Chaya

CONTROVERSIAL musician Vimbai Zimuto, pictured, popular for her semi-nude pictures on social media, is back with a new musical video titled Kupakichwa.

The video was uploaded on Youtube on September 3.

In the song, Zimuto expresses gratitude to her husband, praising him for preparing breakfast for her in the morning.
Some sections of the society have interpreted the song as containing some sexual connotations.

“The word Kupakichwa literally means getting fed, especially with good food.
“However, some people interpret the word and the song differently. It is up to you to choose what you are being fed by whoever is feeding you,” Zimuto said.

Unlike her previous productions, the new video is decent and features children.
The latest product follows the steamy Hapana Kwaunoenda.

Zimuto has three albums: Ndawana Mukana, Kure Kwemeso and Hapana Kwaunoenda.
Following her photo exhibition held in the capital a couple of years ago, her critics attacked her mainly through social media labelling her “obsessed with nudity.”

“I can assure you I am not obsessed with anything, nudity to me is like writing a book or singing a song or kissing someone who am not married to on set.

“It’s all part of my expressions artistically,” she told the Daily News.
Zimuto shuttles between Zimbabwe and the Neitherlands.

Last year, she graced the Den Haag Africa Festival for the first time as a solo artiste; the last time she was there was 2010 with the Daughters of Africa tour.

A couple of months ago, she did a couple of concerts in her neighbourhood which was organised by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.

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