US-based singer tops local charts

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NEW York-based songstress and fashion designer Ananya Kouds is happy with the response her music is getting locally as it currently tops the local radio charts.

Her new single Marble Eyes was this week in top position on the Power FM and Zi FM radio charts.

“The support is encouraging and I’m really grateful that my music is being embraced at home. Having my music on national radio is something I never imagined and it feels great and this gives me the drive to keep working,” she said.
Ananya, who is currently pursuing a fashion designing course, said home support brings a different feeling.

“Music is now easily accessible and as much as it is being embraced here in the US, the feeling is different seeing fellow Zimbabweans supporting my music,” she said.

She said fashion is an art of visuals which works hand in glove with music. Fashion is embraced in video production and photo shoots by artistes.

“I use fashion to support my identity. Fashion is an art of visuals and music appeals to the emotions. Fashion can come in to express the message in music, so it works hand in hand,” she said.

Musically, she said the response she is getting is enough motivation to add more songs to her catalogue.
She released her first single Aftertaste last year and the latest single Marble Eyes came in April this year.

The songstress said she is a risk taker and will be experimental in her journey.

“I’m enjoying the journey so far, getting to learn a lot as a budding artiste. I have had experience of how they do things here in New York and I believe that will contribute much to my art. I have been exposed to a lot of styles, some of which I believe I can incorporate into my sound,” she said.

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