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‘Unlocking dreams, renewing visions’

Precipitating the Inborn Drive: Practical Guidelines to Willpower in the Calls of Life,

By Lucky Cherubim, Harare, Graphicate Marketing, 2020
29 Pages
Reviewed By Eddie Zvinonzwa

ONE of the very first branches of writing across the globe was Christian with the Bible ranking as one of those earliest works. Over the years, this branch of writing has metamorphosed to reflect realities of the day.This explains the other writings that came after the Bible but relied heavily on the Holy book for much of their content.

Today, the Bible has remained a source book for most writing, including motivational and inspirational writing, while even fictional narratives have also borrowed a lot from the Holy book.

Just like several other writers, cleric Lucky Cherubim has come with his own contribution to this branch of literature.

Speaking about his offering, Precipitating the Inborn Drive: Practical Guidelines to Willpower in the Calls of Life to the Daily News, Cherubim — who is the founder and leader International Arena of Miracles, said: “We minister every now and then in church but these sessions drop out of people’s minds.

“A book will always be there. So, by writing I am also ministering to future generations. I run transformative programmes and in these we have been coming up different subjects and topics. We then said why not put this down in writing so that it does not fizzle into oblivion.”

The writer added: “The scripture says ‘write down this vision upon stone tablets so that everyone can see. We have a lot of information and said why not put this content into a book.

“The scriptures also say ‘My people are perishing because of lack of knowledge’, we feel like books also enrich and can lead to spiritual upliftment among other things. Books unlock dreams, visions so that one realises that they are not small but big.

“This book in particular revives dreams, repairs and renews visions. People should have a clear mind of mysteries in their lives, whether it concerns marriage, business family, all aspects of life but making reference to the Bible… Every chapter ends with a prayer,” the cleric-cum-writer said.

What is crucial is that the book gives important guidelines on how to navigate life. “When we go through difficult times, fear will always try to grab a hold of us, by implanting worrisome thoughts in our minds. Attached to those thoughts are powerful emotions that set off a ripple effect of dread and anxiety in us, holding us captive in a downward spiral of despair.” (p3)

The cleric, who also runs the Cherubim and Seraphim Foundation, an organisation that scouts for and nurtures talent in the under-privileged, paying school fees for several under-privileged children across the country, said he is working on two other books — including one with daily devotionals — that are almost ready for publication.

The book, although small, has 10 distinct chapters that look at different topics. What remains central though is the role God has in all life endeavours that people may have. “So, don’t be overwhelmed or discouraged by what lies ahead of you. Confidently draw near the Lord and learn to place your trust in Him. He will be the confidence you need to move forward and succeed in all you put your hand to.” (p20)

Precipitating the Inborn Drive: Practical Guidelines to Willpower in the Calls of Life is a manual that has potential to help many believers and would-be believers in navigating their lives as long as they place their faith in the Lord.

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