UK fans surprise Mukanya

Vasco Chaya

VETERAN Chimurenga musician Thomas ‘‘Mukanya’’ Mapfumo received a surprise US$2 200 birthday present from his fans in the United Kingdom, the Daily News reports.

This comes as the United States of America-based musician turned 75 on July 3.
“Mukanya is a legendary Zimbabwean artiste who has been around for a long time fighting for human rights, freedom and justice. He has risked his life since the liberation struggle till today. He has also put Zimbabwe on the map and is one of the very few legends who invented a genre of music that fuses traditional and modern instruments hence the doctorate he has. He is among the few surviving people from his generation and still going strong at his age. So yes he deserves it,” one of the coordinators of the gift Freddy Matenga said.
The initiative was led by Chris Gondoza.
“Gondoza came up with the initiative and we supported him. In the process, we also worked with Sam Mataure who made the campaign a success,” Matenga said.
Mukanya acknowledged receiving the money.
“I am so grateful to my fans in the UK for the birthday gift. I received the money through Western Union. I thank you all,” Mapfumo said in a video.
Back home, Mukanya’s cousin Kurai Makore staged an online concert dubbed “Celebrating the Life of a Legend” on Ngoda Tv Facebook page last week in honour of Mukanya.
He was supported by Dendera music crooner Suluman Chimbetu.
Known as ‘‘The Lion of Zimbabwe’’, Mapfumo has been in the music industry for decades.
He left the country for the United States of America only to return briefly in 2018 for the first time in 14 years.

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