Two tourists arrested


TWO tourists from Germany and France were yesterday intercepted after they tried to enter the Victoria Falls rainforest which is currently closed to avoid the spread of the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19).

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) spokesperson Tinashe Farawo yesterday confirmed that they were intercepted before being fined $300.

“We can confirm that two foreigners, one from Germany and another one from France were intercepted this morning after attempting to enter into the rain forest in Victoria Falls. We are on high alert, the Victoria Falls entrance is closed due to the lockdown which is currently underway, we are complying with government directive.

“We understand the anxiety and hunger that our tourists have as they want to view the majestic Victoria Falls. We encourage them to be patient they must be at home for now and visit tomorrow. They were fined $300 and released.”

Meanwhile, over the last three months, Zimbabwe has lost 18 lives in the human wildlife conflict throughout the country.

“We have received 532 incidents of human wildlife conflict as an authority we managed to attend to at least to 411 which is almost 80 percent response rate. What we have also done during this period we have managed to translocate 28 animals from the communities where people are living. We also want to report that these animals are only not killing people but they are destroying crops and also killing cattle and goats.

“People are losing their livelihoods in these incidents. As we are speaking now, our officers are on the ground. They are working to ensure that we are living in harmony with nature.

“We are also encouraging communities to alert us and we will respond at the shortest possible time. Animals which are causing a lot of problems are elephants, lions, buffaloes and crocodiles.

“In terms of lions which are killing cattle people must secure their cattle.”
ZimParks said they are doing a lot of awareness campaigns encouraging the communities so that they protect their lives and livestock.

“The biggest problem as we have always said is that our wildlife areas are overpopulated. Because of that, animals have a tendency of encroaching into human settlements and when they do that, they cause all sorts of problems like destroying crops and killing people,” Farawo said.

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