Two senior cops denied bail


TWO senior police officers accused of interfering with investigations into graft allegations involving suspended Criminal Investigation Department (CID) national director Commissioner Crispen Charumbira have been denied bail.

Stephen Kuwaza, 42, the officer-in-charge of CID Theft From Car department and Alwis Shingirayi Chidziva, who is the superintendent administration at Mutare Minerals Unit, are facing allegations of defeating or obstructing the course of justice.

Kuwaza is accused of threatening to cause the transfer of  Bryan Moyo, a junior officer and a key witness in the charges against Charumbira, while Chidziva is accused of interfering with a junior officer by reprimanding him for giving evidence in the investigations against the top cop.

Regional magistrate Bianca Makwande said there was real likelihood that Kuwaza would interfere with the witness as the evidence showed that he threatened a junior officer.

On Chidziva, the magistrate said he is not a proper candidate for bail as he has shown to be disrespectful of court processes and the justice delivery system as his alleged interference has shown.

Reports are that on October 7, Moyo received a call from his lawyer that Kuwaza was pursuing a High Court order that had barred the organisation from transferring him until his matter is finalised.

State counsel George Manokore told the court that Moyo reportedly phoned Kuwaza inquiring why he was pursuing the matter and he reportedly indicated that he had orders from his superiors to investigate whether he had mentioned Charumbira’s alleged corrupt activities in his High Court application.

The court heard that Moyo quizzed Kuwaza on who had given him the orders but he was evasive before he threatened him.

The court also heard that on September 25, another junior officer, Tamirirashe Mashenjere, was ordered to bring the station exhibit book to Police General Headquarters.

The book was required as part of investigations into the matter in which Charumbira was being investigated for instructing officers who had arrested one David Mucheche for alleged illegal possession of 2kg of gold to give it back to him and release him.

On September 26, after his return from Harare, Mashenjere went on to brief Chidziva on what had transpired.

Chidziva allegedly accused Mashenjere of failing to keep office secrets, allegedly implying that he was not supposed to divulge information to the investigation officers.

The State alleges that the conduct was tantamount to obstructing the course of justice in the investigation involving Charumbira as he would not be able to volunteer information to the investigating officers, fearing reprisal from Chidziva, who is his superior.

 They will be back in court on November 3.

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