Tshinga raps ED on Polad


© ZANU PF politburo member and former Cabinet minister Tshinga Dube says President Emmerson Mnangagwa should engage opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and stop engaging unknown entities in the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad).
In a rare rebuke of Mnangagwa, the forthright Dube questioned the credibility of the parties that Mnangagwa is engaging in Polad and also whether they have the interests of the people at heart.
This comes as Mnangagwa has ruled out any meeting between him and Chamisa outside Polad — a forum which he set up for 17 losing presidential candidates who participated in last year’s elections to interact with him on issues affecting the country.
“I know our president is a wise man, he knows what he is doing, but my personal opinion is that it was easier to talk to the biggest opposition party, the MDC. If you look at countries such as America, they have the Democrats and Republicans, the case is the same in the United Kingdom, they have the Labour Party and Conservatives. The situation also applies in our case, we have Zanu PF and the MDC, those are the people who matter,” said Dube in an interview with the Daily News yesterday.
In the 2018 presidential elections, Mnangagwa garnered 50,67 percent with Chamisa getting 44,37 while the other parties that are presently part to Polad got a combined two percent; a figure that observers say is insignificant.
“Those members of Polad, we don’t know them. We don’t know whether they have any following at all, some of the people don’t have anybody who follows them. I am not criticising the president at all, but I feel he is not talking to the right people,” said Dube, who is a member of the Zanu PF central committee.
Since the late former president Robert Mugabe’s rule, Dube has been a thorn in the flesh for Zanu PF, speaking truth to power and at times courting the wrath of party loyalists.
In his recently launched book Quiet Flows the Zambezi, the former army chief rapped Mnangagwa for failing to bring the nation together when he came to power after removing Mugabe through a coup in 2017.
“… If the MDC Alliance was brought closer when the new dispensation was ushered, we would today be in a different situation.
“We would have emerged out of the woods and exited a life of perennial doom and gloom. The lost opportunity has cost us immensely. We have, without doubt, retrogressed,” Dube said.
At the same time Chamisa, who insists that talks should be there between him and Mnangagwa, told teachers last weekend that the basis of any talks should be on the basis that the two of them had the highest number of votes in the “disputed” 2018 elections.
“The biggest problem is that Zimbabwe has had false dawns, false solutions are not permanent. Any dialogue that is premised on a false foundation is not going to address the issues affecting Zimbabwe.
“You are aware of the GPA (Global Political Agreement), yes, it benefited people but it was a temporary solution, we don’t want to have a similar arrangement because come 2023 we will be having the same problems.
“Our problems are with the foundation and they cannot be tackled at a platform of point scoring like Polad. I cannot participate in Polad, because for some dialogue is meant to preserve the status quo, for some of us dialogue is meant to permanently put a full stop to our suffering.
“We are not doing dialogue for purposes of power sharing because power is the source of our problems, let’s have dialogue for vision sharing, for ideas sharing and also for sharing our nationhood; who are we as a people, that does not require a false start like Polad, we need a genuine platform,” said Chamisa.

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