Businessman and socialite Acie Lumumba

Trio allegedly threatened to kill Lumumba

THREE men accused of threatening to kill businessman and socialite Acie Lumumba or kidnap his family over a debt owed to another businessman have appeared in court.

Privilege Mushininga, Ignitius Chacha and Moses Chigonda, who allegedly claimed to be assassins, were not asked to plead to a charge of threats to commit murder when they appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda yesterday.

They were remanded out of custody to April 22 on $5 000 bail.

It is the State’s case that on Wednesday, the three teamed up and went to Lumumba’s work place where they introduced themselves as men on a mission.

It is alleged that they said they had come to collect money which Lumumba owed to one Grant Chitate or else they would kill or kidnap him, his wife or children as they were aware of where they could be found.

They allegedly gave Lumumba an ultimatum to either pay them or they would kill him as they claimed to be professional assassins.

Lumumba reportedly pleaded with the gang to return later to collect the money and when they left, he contacted the police who came and arrested the three when they returned to get the money.

Lynette Gwarisa appeared for the State.

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