“During the first quarter of 2022, 15 cases of theft of copper from NRZ infrastructure were reported resulting in NRZ losing 1 067.58kg of copper cables worth US$12 811,”

Train suicides irks NRZ

THE National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) says it is worried over an increase in cases of suicides involving trains with men accounting for the highest number of victims.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, NRZ public relations manager Martin Banda said they had observed, with concern, disturbing and increasing incidences of suicidal cases which have been occurring along the railway system countrywide in recent weeks.

Banda said seven people had died in different circumstances involving trains so far this month.

“The statistics we are seeing show trends or occasions in which more males are dying as a result of human-train incidents which could be attributed to the so-called depressions, possibly because of economic challenges, rejection, negligence and societal stigma, among several other possible contributing factors,” Banda said.

He revealed that on March 11 2022 at 4.20am hours at Mpopoma a man was hit by a train in a suspected case of suicide.

“The same day as at 5.35pm in Harare near Agrifoods a male adult was injured by a commuter train and taken to hospital but unfortunately passed on.

“On March 7 2022, at 9.25pm a male adult of Mukwakwe area was hit by a train as he was drunk and lying on the railway line, he sustained moderate cuts.

“On March 8 2022, at Mbare Flyover, a man threw himself on an oncoming train, was seriously injured and died on way to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

“On March 4 2022 near Havane Shopping Centre in Esigodini, a man sitting on the railway line was hit by a train dislocating his back bone and taken to Esigodini Hospital. On March 2 2022, at 5.55pm the Marimba commuter train hit and killed a male adult who tried to cross the railway line.

On March 1, 2022 in Kwekwe, a man was run over by a train while sleeping on the track and was taken to Kwekwe Hospital,” said Banda.

He urged people not to resort to committing suicide using trains.

“Trains are meant to serve the community and nation, not to end people’s lives. We also implore the public to find better ways of solving their problems and should also be careful at all times whenever near a railway line,” he said.