Top cop blasts Zacc officer

SENIOR cop Erasmus Makodza, pictured, says he was arrested by a malicious Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) officer, Eric Chacha, whom he claimed wept in court when he was granted bail on initial appearance.

Makodza averred that he was being persecuted as evidenced by the State seeking to impeach a witness after he had given a testimony unfavourable to their case despite the fact that the evidence led so far exonerates him.

The allegations against Makodza are that in 2019 he planned to corruptly benefit from projects which were being undertaken by the police projects unit at Lendy Farm in Marondera.

Makodza allegedly imposed one Maonei Chapfudza as a private investor in the police horticulture, poultry and piggery farm.

The State alleges that when he imposed the woman, he did not disclose to his principals or subordinates that he was in a relationship with her and that they had a child together.

However, the top cop who was giving his defence yesterday insisted he was not part of the team that awarded the farm to Chapfudza and that the investigating officer maliciously and ignored the evidence.

“When I was given bail, he (investigating officer) wept in court, which was abnormal. I felt pity for the young man,” he said.

Makodza denied imposing Chapfudza on the committee and said the investigating officer had knowledge of this information, but did not disclose it as a way to nail him.

“I did not impose Maonei Chapfudza on the police farm. She applied for the farm in 2017 when I was still at police headquarters.

“To prove the malice, I have evidence of a relationship between Eric Chacha and Felix Munyaradzi, an accused in a matter I’m the complainant.

“Criminals should not abuse courts and investigating officers. I’m being persecuted. We have a situation where witnesses come to court and tell the truth, but the State turns to impeach them.

“The State must adopt a holistic approach that an accused is innocent until proven guilty.

“I was not involved in this whole transaction nor did I influence.  All the witnesses who came said I was not involved and that I did not influence them,” he argued.

On the allegation that he did not disclose the transaction to his principal, Makodza said he was not obligated to do so as he did not participate, but he went on and disclosed it to his subordinates.

“Disclosure would come in if I participated. Nonetheless, I disclosed this to Chidhakwa, the provincial intelligence officer.

“I didn’t participate in the whole transaction as said by all witnesses, except Chacha,” he added.