No one does it better than TODA Zimbabwe

TODA Zimbabwe: The game changer

TODA Zimbabwe has revolutionised the ride-sharing business in Zimbabwe by empowering people during their everyday travel at competitive charges 24/7.

TODA cars are available in all major towns in the country and one can book and travel in an instant. The organisation is flexibility and allows customers to receive ride requests directly on the Toda App

TODA and other Uber services have made structural modifications to the traditional industry. Earlier individuals who needed a cab had to wait for the taxi to arrive. This in a way resulted in lost time. In place of chasing a taxi on a street, TODA users need to simply use an app to catch a ride from any part of the country. Their fast service assures users of one time – quick arrivals.

The company’s App is compatible with all android devices, making it easy to hire a driver from almost any location at any time. Proprietary software locates drivers circling nearby and generally offers a selection of options, from the cheapest carpooling choice to luxury wheels.

TODA has not only dramatically changed the personal transportation industry, with a mix of both benefits and drawbacks for customers and drivers, ride requests are directly received on the Toda App allowing for door-to-door convenience, safety, and reliable quality.

TODA provides flexibility to drivers to earn as per their own schedule. He/she can be their own boss. He can drive little or more as per his requirement.

TODA offers flexibility to customers as they simply need to turn the application anytime whenever they want the service and book the cab.

With the introduction of personal transportation services like TODA, you can easily book a taxi via your smartphone from any part of Zimbabwe.

The best part of choosing TODA is that it is secure for passengers. TODA services focus on making traveling comfortable and safe for its passengers.

TODA is cost effective.

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