Time to leverage on tourism and shine


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa on Tuesday launched Visit Zimbabwe Campaign aimed at leveraging on tourism and sporting sectors to promote the country as a safe and premier tourist destination.

The launch is a welcome development as the country emerges from a debilitating national coronavirus lockdown the government imposed in March to curb and mitigate the spread of the pandemic.

It also comes after the government on October 1 reopened the aviation sector -— a vital cog in growing our potential multi-billion dollar tourism industry.

This is on the backcloth that our country has over two decades grabbed international headlines for wrong reasons — its un-ending political dissonance and economic decay.

But currently there is general peace, tranquillity and above all, the economy has sort of stabilised after the introduction of the Dutch foreign currency auction system and several monetary and fiscal policies interventions.

The relative peace must spur us to market the country to the world through tourism.

It gives us an opportunity to rebrand and change the way we have been doing business over the years if we are to attract the much-needed foreign direct investment to boost tourism and above all to be part of the global village and compete on equal basis.

Tourism should be one of the country’s major economic drivers given the natural endowments we have and there is hope that authorities would not drop the ball on the latest campaign, which should be pursued with vigour.

We need to take advantage of the Visit Zimbabwe Campaign to re-strategise and market this country as the best tourist destination in Africa, if not the world.

It is incumbent upon authorities to ensure that our political unmusicality does not get in the way of the new tourism campaign and others to come.

The Visit Zimbabwe Campaign has granted the country the opportunity to accelerate its economic recovery through marketing the country to the international community.

It has presented the country with the chance to rebrand and to a gateway to international capital desperately needed to revive our industry and commerce. The country has been in isolation for far too long, it cannot afford to miss this opportunity to reconnect with the world using sport, especially cricket, which has a huge following abroad.

This is the time for Zimbabwe to shine!

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