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Theatre in the Park back with a new play

AFTER more than 15 months of inactivity, Theatre in the Park is set to bounce back with a new play titled — Mwana Wa. . . — which will premiere tomorrow. 

Just like many entertainment venues, the theatre was forced to close down and stop all productions after the outbreak of Covid-19 in March last year. 

The government also banned all music and entertainment events in a bid to stop the spread of the virus which has already killed over 1 500 in Zimbabwe. 

However, with life slowly returning to normalcy after the health authorities have managed to keep the virus under check and with more people getting vaccinated, some sectors of the entertainment industry are now resuming operations. 

And after the long hiatus, Theatre in the Park is finally opening up its doors to audiences tomorrow with the showing of Mwana Wa…   

The play will run until Friday and audiences will be expected to follow all Covid-129 protocols. 

The production features popular faces like Ratidzo Eunice Tava, Stewart Sakarombe, Tafadzwa Hananda, Taurai Kawara and others. 

“The play highlights the issues in an artisanal mining community while also exposing the inferior social position women occupy.  

“It features Nomalanga, who represents a business-oriented woman running a bottle store and bold enough to be refusing to be taken advantage of by cunning men,” Rooftop Promotions programmes manager, Passmore Ndlovu said. 

“The piece reinforces the belief that people have power to exploit their resources and it also demonstrates the influence political heavyweights have in these mining activities.  

Mwana Wa… dignifies the tradition of inheritance of the natural resources (minerals) from the ancestors.” 

The play also calls for the general public to take responsibility and make sure that resources are well managed. 

Since its establishment more than a decade ago, Theatre in the Park has had numerous plays scrutinising different issues while also providing a platform for dialogue to the general public in Harare and other areas.  

With the high penetration of internet, the theatre expanded earning a wide reach through live streaming on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.