‘The People’s Bus’ a hit with Zimbos

LOCAL comedians continue to explore issues that affect people on a daily basis, bringing humour to their followers as amplified by The People’s Bus, a programme spearheaded by comedians under the Bustop TV flagship and shared on their social media platforms.
This comes as a reminder to many of the once popular and yesteryear comic Ganyau Express which was produced from a bus.
Comediennes Gonyeti and Magi and guest comedian Victor ‘Doc Vikela’ Mpofu lead the discussions with the people.
So far they are on the third episode touching on several subjects on a weekly basis and in different suburbs and the programme is gaining popularity judging by people’s response.
“This is a weekly talk show exploring various subjects. We will have three hosts; Magi, Gonyeti and a guest, Doc Vikela,” producer Luckie Aaroni told the Daily News.
So far they have explored the issue of civil servants salaries, getting different views from their passengers. Episode two explored the currency issue with residents from Caledonia sharing how coins were being rejected. The third episode looked at the sensitive issue of abortion, with people sharing varying views on the subject.
Comedians continue to touch on different subjects including politics, feasting on what political actors would have done or said.
Last year other comedians had skits calling for unity of the main political rivals.


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