The choice is ours!Police must crack down on violators


IT is worrying that cases of people violating measures put in place by the government to contain the spread of coronavirus are on the increase.

As of Sunday, police had arrested close to  2 000 people across the country for operating shebeens, public drinking, disorderly conduct and for committing various traffic offences against the lockdown measures.

The police should not hesitate to apprehend violators of the 21-day lockdown.
The lockdown is not unique to Zimbabwe, but has been enforced in several countries across the globe in the fight against the incurable Covid-19 that has killed thousands and infected over one million people.

With our country’s fragile public health delivery system, coupled by a tanking economy, we cannot afford to be reckless and allow malcontents in society to violate the measures at will. They must be punished heavily. The penalties must be punitive enough to deter would-be offenders.

Containing and mitigating the spread of coronavirus is a matter of life and death. We cannot risk the future of this country because of a few malcontents in our midst.

The country’s security forces must enforce the measures firmly and without fear or favour.
It’s worrying that there has been an increase in vehicles driven in and out of city centres across the country.

More roadblocks need to be mounted, with only those in essential services being allowed to pass through.
Businesses that are not in the essential services category or not exempted by the government must remain shut for the duration of the lockdown.

Life has to be preserved and the only way to do so is to ensure that the coronavirus scourge is curbed before it spreads across the country.

So far, we have nine cases — fairly manageable — and we must keep the numbers low.
And the only way of doing this is to stick religiously to the terms of the lockdown.

We have witnessed how the virus has ravaged both humans and economies across the world. It’s devastating and we should strive by all means not to be part of the statistics. It is either we fight the coronavirus as a united nation or perish because of recklessness by a few in our midst.

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