Thanks Makore is not safe outside jail: State

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THE State yesterday asked the High Court to throw out Thanks Makore’s bail application, arguing he could fall victim to mob justice due to the heinous murder he is accused of having committed.

Makore, his twin Tapiwa (senior) and Tafadzwa Shamba are currently in remand prison together with two other suspects following the suspected ritual murder of his 11-year-old nephew, Tapiwa Makore (junior) in Murewa in September.

The gruesome killing has left emotions running high after the boy’s torso was found with some limbs and the head missing.

Police have been able to locate the other body parts, but are still searching for the head and

The resentment against the accused was evident on Wednesday when thousands of residents swarmed Thanks’ Damofalls home where police were searching for the missing body parts.

In a bid to seek his freedom, Thanks ap proached the High Court and yesterday prosecutor Tafadzwa Makwande-Havazvidi led evidence from investigating officer Andrew Nyadungwe.

The detective said they were yet to visit Thanks’ second house in Warren Park 1, Harare, to conduct further searches after finding nothing at his Damofalls home.

Nyadungwe added that since Makore was employed by the US Embassy, it would be easy for

him to relocate to another jurisdiction and avoid trial.

He said one of their informants was a builder, who allegedly renovated the fowl run where Tapiwa’s head and legs were suspected to be hidden, and that Makore would interfere with investigations.

“According to information that we received, the appellant was the one who hired his twin brother and Shamba to execute the ritual killing and demanded to be given the head and legs in return for US$1 500 for each of them.

“We are still conducting searches at his places of residence. At the moment we are done with Damofalls where his first wife resides and are yet to go to Warren Park, his second wife’s home.

“Considering the gravity of the case, he is likely to get capital punishment if convicted. This case has generated public outcry and if released he could be attacked,” Nyadungwe said.

However, High Court judge Justice Tawanda Chitapi put Nyadungwe to task for arresting Ma-
kore before completing investigations.

“What exactly should militate against granting of the accused person bail? What must come first?

You do not have evidence, but want to keep him behind bars to get evidence?” the judge queried.

The judge will make a ruling on Thanks’ bail application on Tuesday.

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