Teen killed in gold war

POLICE have arrested four gold miners for allegedly killing a 19-year-old man who was “undertaking illegal mining activities” from their mine in Mberengwa, Midlands.

The suspects, Oswell Zhou,41,Anengoni Zhou, 29, Muchineripi Masarira, 43 and Wilson Kuchivirika, 32, were arrested in connection with the murder of Muneinashe Mangena in Mberengwa on Thursday.

“The victim teamed up with Jemson Macheza, 32, and Josalam Zhou Museva, 20, to undertake some illegal mining activities at an unregistered gold mine belonging to the suspects.

The quartet allegedly attacked the victim and struck him with an axe on the head before he fell into a shaft,” police said.

Mangena died on the spot.

Museva managed to escape, while Macheza was assaulted with logs all over his body.

Investigations are still underway, the police said.