Tavaruva burial set for today


Austin Karonga

THE late businessman and Masvingo United owner Tanda “Mhunga” Tavaruva is set to be buried today at Mangwandi Cemetery in Masvingo.

Tavaruva, passed away on Monday after a long battle with diabetes and hypertension aged 84.

“Church service will be held at the family home at 9am and burial should be held by lunch time at Mangwandi Cemetery,” family spokesperson and son Nyararai told the Daily News.

“We have been comforted by so many people from the football fraternity and business circles who came to mourn with the family, friends and relatives. Indeed he was a man of the people and he will carry that gift to his grave.”
Tavaruva was not just a successful business mogul, but a football enthusiast and administrator par excellence, whose heart had a special place for the world’s most beautiful game.
“All the positive results from the game came through his (Tavaruva) firm foundation and support as for the negatives they were solely ours because there was sound sponsorship and also good management style from him. He did everything for his team..,” former Yuna Yuna coach Luke Masomere told the Daily News.
Former Masvingo United midfielder Billiard “Bomber” Muchenje, who had a successful stint with the team, narrated Tavaruva’s love for football and how he invested heavily during the team’s glory days.
“He would visit the team while in camp especially Sunday soon after attending church service and he would gather the whole team and rhetorically ask us how much he should budget for the game which we were camping for. That alone would raise morale in camp…”

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