Tapiwa Makore’s uncle Thanks applies for bail


THANKS Makore, 56, has applied for bail at the High Court as he claims he did not take part in the gruesome
ritual murder of his 11-year-old nephew Tapiwa Makore (junior) in Murewa.
Makore together with his twin Tapiwa (senior), Tafadzwa Shamba and two other suspects are currently in remand prison for allegedly committing the heinous killing that has captured the entire nation’s attention.

The crime was uncovered after a Nyamutumbu villager discovered his dogs eating human flesh which turned out to be Tapiwa’s (junior) torso, but the head and limbs were missing.

It is alleged that the perpetrators were ordered to kill the boy by a sangoma and take the body parts for use in ritual purposes. Police have managed to recover most of the limbs, but are yet to locate the head and arms which have delayed the boy’s burial.

On Wednesday, detectives spent the better part of the day searching for the missing head and arms at Thanks’ house in Damofalls, Ruwa without any luck. In a bid to seek freedom, Thanks will appear before High Court Judge Justice Tawanda Chitapi for bail.

He is arguing that he has a plausible alibi since he was at his residence in Damofalls when the offence was allegedly committed in Murewa. Thanks wants to be given an opportunity to leave custody so that he can return home
and work towards raising legal fees for his defence. Full details of the bail appeal will be heard in court

Meanwhile, police have refuted social media speculation that Tapiwa’s (junior) missing head was recovered at Thanks’ residence in Damofalls.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has not recovered any skull in relation to the late Tapiwa…murder investigations. The public should take note that police are doing routine investigations which include searches for
any evidence related to the murder case.

“Contrary to social media frenzy, no head, arms or body parts have been recovered in the on-going searches. The public will thus be kept appraised of the progress of investigations,” ZRP national spokesperson Paul Nyathi

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