Suspended Chitungwiza town clerk in fuel scandal


© SUSPENDED Chitungwiza town clerk George Makunde has been implicated in a recent audit report for illegally allocating fuel to a female council official since 2013.

According to the audit report, Makunde allocated 80 litres of fuel to a human resources manager who was supposed to get only 40 litres weekly.

In his letter to the finance director in 2013, Makunde instructed the department to increase Mary Mukonyora’s fuel allocation to 80 litres without specifying the reasons.

“Following the abolition of the position of human resources manager and the subsequent appointment of … Mukonyora to act as head of human resources department, you are advised to increase her fuel allocation to 80 litres with effect from May 14, 2013,” Makunde’s letter read.

However, the recent audit exposed that Makunde acted unlawfully as the human resources manager was entitled to only 40 litres of fuel per week by virtue of her being on grade 13.

The town clerk is already on suspension on allegations of absenteeism, gross insubordination and failing to implement council resolutions.

Makunde is yet to appear before a tribunal to answer to the allegations after he failed to show up for the first hearing.

Chitungwiza Residents Trust director Diana Alice Kuvheya said the issues raised in the audit report should be taken seriously, and officials implicated in such scandals should be punished as well as made to pay back to the council what they clandestinely got.

“We call upon the responsible authorities to act on this issue. We cannot have people who milk the council go unpunished. Issues in that audit report should not be taken lightly,” Kuvheya said.

Audit manager Admire Chipunza has since recommended that a full forensic audit of Chitungwiza Town Council be instituted as there was reasonable suspicion of deep-rooted corruption.

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