Sulu courts controversy over Zinasu photos



DENDERA musician Suluman “Sulu” Chimbetu has courted controversy over photos of him with members of the pro-opposition students’ body, the Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu), he posted on social media over the
He captioned the photos “Team Zinasu thank you so much … see you all tonight at Bar Rouge” which triggered debate among social media users, with some interpreting the musician’s post as his way of showing solidarity with the popular pressure group.

Sulu told the Daily News that he is not a politician but a musician who sings for everyone. “I am an artiste who sings for everyone. My fans cut across social divides hence anyone can pose for a photo with me. I am not into politics. My music allows me to interact with everyone, including traditional healers, mapositori, students and farmers, among many others,” Chimbetu said.

Chimbetu said his music is laden with messages of unity.

“My music talks of unity and we need to be united as Zimbabweans. That is all what I stand for,” he said. Responding to his controversial post, MDC Alliance legislator for Kwekwe, Settlement Chikwinya, expressed his gratitude to
Sulu for “standing with the people”.

“Well done Sulu. You stand with the people and the people will stand by you all the way,” Chikwinya said. A social media user,  Solomon Matsairere, said the post had inspired him to like Chimbetu’s songs more.

“From today going forward, I will start listening to your music. I actually want to buy your albums. Where can I get them?” he said.

Concern Ruturi, another social media user, responded to the post by saying “I said it before that Sulu you
can fill the gap that was left by Dhewa (Tongai Moyo). I salute you Captain, continue to stand for what is
right no matter what.”

Chimbetu is generally perceived to be aligned to the ruling party considering his military background.

His father, the late Simon, was a staunch supporter of the Zanu PF party and he released a number of songs that propped up the revolutionary party which include Hoko and Ndima, among others.

By the time of his death in 2005, Chimbetu (Simon)’s popularity was waning due to his association with Zanu PF.

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