Students nabbed over court demo

SEVERAL students were yesterday rounded up at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts while protesting against the arrest and incarceration of Zimbabwe National Students Union president Takudzwa Ngadziore.

Ngadziore was arrested last week for participating in a demonstration at Impala Car Rental in Harare over the company’s alleged involvement in the recent alleged abduction of activist Tawanda Muchehiwa in Bulawayo.
The students displayed placards with various messages before engaging in solidarity slogans and songs for their colleague.
The police reaction team delivering suspects to court dispersed the protesters and some students were nabbed while others fled.
Yesterday, Ngadziore appeared before the court for bail hearing and was granted a $2 000 bond, coupled with an order that he keeps 100 metres away from the company.
It is alleged that on September 8, Ngadziore, in the company of 20 other people who are still at large, went to Impala Car Rental in Hillside where they brandished placards with different messages.
Claims are that they were chanting slogans using a loud hailer while whistling and filming themselves. Allegations are that in the video, Ngadziore said he wanted all political parties, civil society organisations and pressure groups to start making noise and sabotage Impala Car Rental operations.
Claims are that he indicated that President Emmerson Mnangagwa should know that they were coming after him.
Allegations are that Ngadziore and the other 20 took turns to make statements using the loud hailer, urging all
pressure groups to come together and act against alleged abductions by the government.
This resulted in employees at Impala Car Rental hiding in their offices fearing for their lives. The State says it has evidence linking Ngadziore to the offence, among it a video circulating on social media showing him addressing the gathering.


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