Student lands leading role in series


Tinashe Sibanda

Lifestyle Writer


UNIVERSITY student Tadiwa Kimberly Bopoto has landed a leading role in a local production titled Wadiwa Wepamoyo which is currently trending on YouTube.

The Harare-based actress plays the role of Noku a young, spoilt teenage girl who happens to be an only child. She is confused about life choices as she does not really know what she wants in life; she seems to be a very naughty girl.

Wadiwa Wepamoyo was produced, directed and co-written by Derby Bheta.

In an interview with the Daily News Bopoto said: “Nothing really inspired me to get into acting; one day I just decided to try it out as a hobby as I have never been camera shy.”

While she will continue to take acting as a hobby, she does not plan to get into full time acting because of school commitments.

She said landing a lead role in the production has been amazing although this required a lot of hard work, practice, patience and perseverance.

“It is a huge responsibility to be a lead actress because I needed to be there every day as I am part of every episode but at the end of it all I have become very proud of myself for being able to pull off such a big role,” she said.

Bopoto who is a second year university student said acting in this production did not disturb her school work as all the 10 episodes were shot during vacation.

She said there has really never been a time where she felt pressed to balance school and acting.

“The key has been to keep my priorities in order and school comes first always because to me acting is just a hobby,” added Bopoto.

She said her words of motivation to aspiring actors was that they should always believe in themselves, pray for God’s guidance and do their best in whatever they put their minds to.

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