Step in the right direction in fight against Covid-19


BLESSING KASIYAMHURU – IN the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, it is a pleasant commitment that we join other nations in a lockdown to curb the spread of the highly contagious pandemic.

Fellow Zimbabweans, the lock down decree by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is indeed a sound decision which should be embraced by all of us as a nation in the face of this killer that is destroying lives across the globe. 

At this critical juncture, let us bury our political differences. We are all Zimbabweans today!

Together we admit that we have an unprecedented crisis at our doorsteps and at this moment it is only the unit of purpose that will give impact to our fight against the pandemic.

Let’s heed the call to avoid travelling as expressed by the decree to avoid contracting and subsequent spread of the disease.

Moreover, let’s adhere to all hygiene practices which  include washing of hands with soapy water or alcohol-based sanitisers to avoid infection.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure this disease does not spread and that we should not continue to have new infections.

To all providers of services during the stipulated lockdown period such as dispensing pharmacies and food outlets dotted around the country, let’s practise restraint against the spirit of greed.

Let’s have a sense of humanity to charge reasonable prices and fares for our products and services.

Our law enforcement agents will be there to support the civilian authorities who shall be managing the state of affairs during the lockdown according to the presidential decree. Fellow Zimbabweans, let’s abide by the spirit and letter of the decree to ensure that this drastic measure achieves optimally the best in containing the pandemic for the greater good of the whole nation.

The Covid-19 virus adds to the list of challenges we are facing together as a nation.

I believe there is nothing that can stop us fellow Zimbabweans from uniting to solve problems bedevilling our economy with the same honesty and sincerity the way we have admitted to the Covid-19 crisis.

We would need that oneness more than never before to gather what the pandemic would have left, its inherent impact on our economy when it eventually passes. Of course, a mammoth task lies ahead, to build our country as a united people. It’s your choice, my choice and collectively our choice to unite as Zimbabweans.

Tomorrow we will need to face the economic challenges of our day with the same determination, honesty and genuineness to build our country and secure for ourselves and generations to come a future we shall all believe in, a future that supports the dreams and aspirations of all Zimbabweans.

During this lockdown for the 21 days, let’s be on our knees praying to God so that he suppresses this sickness that He has allowed on earth, asking for forgiveness, acknowledging that he is the ultimate power under the sun.

God always promises us that if we surrender our hearts in humility, He will save us from affliction, Psalms 91.

From the Zipp family we,wish you all good health and it’s our prayer that we all live through this and we will be living testimonies thereafter.

As a nation we will prevail with God at the Apex.

“Arise Ophir Arise”

“Arise the Jewel of the world Arise”



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