Stay out of customs matters, police told



Loyd Matare

POLICE have no legal right to question citizens over their customs clearance documents, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) commissioner general Faith Mazani has said.

Speaking during the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe annual conference in Nyanga last week, Mazani urged Zimbabweans to stand up to police as they have no locus standi in dealing with customs matters.

There are many instances when people have cleared their imported goods with customs officials at ports of entry, however, police would later stop them to check the clearance documents.

It is alleged this practice by the law enforcement agents is meant to solicit for bribes from citizens.

“They should stand up to such police officers. Unless people are bold enough to stand up against corruption, nothing will change,” she said.

She also implored Zimbabweans to report corrupt activities by her staff. “Let’s fight corruption together. This nation is being driven by domestic resources. Therefore, your role in accounting and administering taxes is critically important to building Zimbabwe,” she said.

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  1. Bruno mutindi says

    Yea thus very true as for us clearing agents we find it difficult to operate because of these police officers and soldiers, after you are done with Zimra all clearance done well you find out that a poor police man comes to say your duty you paid is too little, that police man Wil be not having any idea on clearing not even one tariff code, you try to explain to them that what determines the duty to paid is the tarif code versus total item value of the product they ague with you for hours and their point is to make sure that you bribe them, so by so doing it creates a lot of delays and confusion, it also chase clients from using Zim as transit way or clients from importing their goods thru the border legal way but rather smuggle them by the river,, police are a serious problem when it comes to Zimra clients

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