Sotja assures Black Umfolosi


BLACK Umfolosi’s founding member, Sotja Moyo, has revealed that he will not be set apart from the group he helped give birth to.

This comes after last year he embarked on a solo project in a development meant to revive the Kalanga language and culture.

Having been paying particular attention to his solo project, Moyo argued that the project can never separate him from his original group (Black Umfolosi).

“I am not really putting more focus on my solo project; Black Umfolosi can never be separated from me as it is my lifeblood. It’s only that I have a task to up my mission to promote my Kalanga language which has been side lined on so many major platforms,” said Moyo.

He reiterated that his time with Black Umfolosi is his lifetime priority as it is a mother body and the prime platform of other projects. “Black Umfolosi recorded our new offering which will be out soon and we intend to take the new songs on our coming international tour.”

Moyo could not, however, deny that the continued loss of members is affecting their ambitious efforts. “We are still hurt by the loss of our Black Umfolosi senior member Alec (Mzala) Ncube who was my backing vocalist on my solo project too.

“It’s really a big blow to the group but at the moment we are currently grooming some young members from our junior camps so that they are acquainted with the tools of the trade so that the future of the group is well sustained.

“Nature continues to take its toll on us and as such we cannot replace our fallen heroes, instead we continue to revive their works in the spirit of sustaining the Black Umfolosi music and style,” he said.

Moyo further noted that his determination has helped him manage the two projects.

“Managing this special resource called time is the key to everything and as such it keeps me focused and being able to balance and prioritise may work and for after thus how art is all about.”

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