Songwriter drops inspirational song


Tinashe Sibanda
Lifestyle Writer

SOUTH Africa-based Zimbabwean author Tichazorora Tanyanyiwa, 45, has dropped a new Afro-beat track called Africa Arise set to appeal to the audiences from Cape to Cairo.

In an interview with the Daily News Tanyanyiwa said: “Writing the song was inspired by a passion to send a message to all Africans that it is time to arise and birth new ideas to revive our economies.”

Born and bred in Zimbabwe, Tanyanyiwa who is currently based in Johannesburg said he desires to see an awakening to the beauty of Africa and her people.

Tanyanyiwa said in the next few coming days he will be loading the track on Spotify, iTunes and Google store under the label name Faithland Music.

“I am happy that already the track has been favourably welcomed by listeners as it is timely and they have loved the uniqueness of the singing style and the lyrics too,” he said.

“Some have said it gives them hope and encouragement that Africa has a brighter future.”
Tanyanyiwa said he writes music that complements the books he writes to help get the message across.

He said he had realised as a communicator that the best way to access the hearts of his audience is through music, therefore every song he writes is connected to his artistry in his books and he is currently in the process of producing a movie too.

Tanyanyiwa said it is time for Africa to arise and show her beauty to a world in need of hope in the midst of the pressure being faced globally which needs a message of hope.

Tanyanyiwa is married with six children and he is also currently involved in Christian ministry and business at the same time.

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